My Favorite Teachers & Classes

*Lynn Andrews Center for Sacred Arts and Training, a 4-year Shamanic
Mystery School
*Writing Spirit, the School – a two year program of self discovery shamanically crafted using writing as a tool for divination and learning as you divine your own Writing Spirit, your Creative Soul.
*Online Academy and Tutorials in a variety of subjects.

Don Oscar Miro Quesada and Judy Hoaglund

Pachakuti Mesa Tradition, Cross Cultural Shamanism
Universal Shamanism

Location: San Diego, CA

Liana is the founder of The Institute of Shamanic Wisdom, Inc., a 501(c)(3) charitable and educational organization that promotes indigenous earth-honoring wisdom and ceremonial healing practices. Liana is a Shamanic and Energy medicine practitioner with a private healing practice in San Diego. In addition, she is an Ordained Minister and Earth Steward with IASHES, a member of the World Association of Holistic Shamans, and a founding member of the Society of Shamanic Practitioners. She is profiled in Who’s Who in North American Professionals.


Cindy Green

Have you had the calling to work with a drum? Do you need to find your own inner rhythms? Are you searching for your own drum?

I have been honored and humbled by experiencing healing first hand through learning and teaching about the Sacred Drum, working with Elders and Guides supporting this healing path and observing the life changes in participants as a Sacred Drum is birthed.

My mission is to create Sacred Space for those who are looking for healing through the heart beat of the Earth. I am committed in sharing this healing path with you. Contact me!

The Foundation for Shamanic Studies

Shamanic Counseling
Shamanism and Creativity
Core Shamanism

Grandmother Drum Project / White Eagle Medicine Woman

Drum for Change Global Network: Grandmother Drum Project

Patrick Pinson

Drum maker and Teacher
Patrick unselfishly shares a lifetime of wisdom and understanding in his dedication to the sacred art of drum making.

Competition, I believe, is the source of the separation of spirituality and business.  Competition, fueled by greed, creates dependencies on always having more.  But competition has never served our higher nature.  It’s time to cooperate, look for similarities, and learn from each other rather than compete with each other and focus on differences.”  —  Patrick Pinson, Cedar Mountain Drums


Grace Francesca Oldani

These Medicine Baskets are prayers, stories, songs of creation, vessels for alchemical healing, medicine, wisdom, courage, hope and LOVE.

Basket weaving is a tradition from man’s early history, many baskets tell a story written by Spirit with the love of the weaver’s hands. These baskets share a story, each carrying tender threads of wisdom, compassion, love and kindness.

Each basket is a blessing of the earth, handcrafted and composed of natural and gifted fibers, trees, feathers, fur, thread, and minerals, woven to blend strong Medicine for the receivers blessings and benefit.

I am Loves Grace,
Francesca Oldani