Testimonials From Students & Recipients of My Art & Drums


I held the box for a minute, until I could feel the vibration moving between myself and what was inside.  Then I opened the box and all of the breath left me.  So beautiful.  So very magnificently, powerfully, impeccably created, and buffalo as well.  It fits my hands perfectly, the stone resting in my palm just so.  It is perfectly, ideally balanced for me.  I did ceremony to bless and awaken my buffalo drum this afternoon.  It is without a doubt the most beautiful drum I have ever had, and its voice is multi-layerd, deep and resonates on too many frequencies to catch.  I am full.  Thank you, beloved Vicki for what you do, the magical tools you offer…
Susan W, Washington

Love and gratefulness to Vicki for making this drum in the Shaman Tradition; in a way that only Vicki knows how because it comes from her heart and soul.
Lisa B., Virginia

I played my new drum yesterday @ the awakening ceremony.   The drum sounds great, and has a special power….. Maybe there is something Spiritual about making your own drum and giving your heart a voice!
Peggy G., California

I put out a call for a horse drum and here it is!  I played it at Storm Eagle and asked it if it would work with me with groups of people and with the land.  I received a positive response not just around my heart and crown chakras, it was much higher and lighter than when I communed with the bear drum. I could not understand the shift until you told me this was horse not bear!! The key was the positive response… and the willingness to work together from the heart.
Christina H., England

Dearest Vicki,
I am overawed by the beauty and craftsmanship in the drums you have made for me. They are exquisite. I am so excited to have these new drums here.  We have an open, come meet and greet day, at the new holistic center that my friends and I are opening up…I will be taking all my drums with me – and so will look to have a beautiful opening ceremony with the new ones there.  They will be used for sacred work, and for helping people find their voice and their song.
Thank you
Kim M.,      Shropshire,UK         

Feathers and Feather Fans:

I am thinking of you and have to tell you that your gift of the wild turkey feather fan has been traveling with me where ever I go, including France and many healings have been taking place because of it. So please keep on keeping on. Sending you much love and many blessings,
Josiane A., Mt Shasta and Corsica

Gratitude Journals:

I have been using your journal about gratitude…and it has shifted me…Today I am grateful for you, my dear! You always manage to touch my heart and bring me joy!
Minor K, Colorado


‘Vicki Dobbs’ shamanic abilities infuse her workshops with a multidimensional experience which cannot be put into words.  It remains with one and one’s creations indefinitely.”
Emily L, California

I decided first off to conjure a drum making workshop in the spring so that I could make my drum.  It was kind of a birthing intent I felt, something that I knew absolutely nothing about would come out of me and make a song.  I knew that this drum would symbolize my commitment to my path.  In summary, this experience has amazed me.  Its magic continues to floor me as I realize something very ,very new to me which I will explore in depth.
Lisa O., CA

I attended a drum making class a few years back, but knew I had not found the purpose of this drum and how I was to engage with it’s energy.  When I came across this weekend workshop, I knew I’d found the gateway to connecting with my drum…

I knew I was in a circle of friends all wanting to learn about the drum as a tool.  We did different techniques and processes that took us through our Selves and connected us with our drums for healing work.  I found how I was to engage with my drum and love the working agreement we created with our drums during this class.  Drum work keeps us connected to the heart beat of Mother Earth and is essential for our life.
Thank you for helping me discover the music and harmony in healing, my drum and I are capable of creating.
Regina R., Berkeley Class

As I am preparing for graduation, I wanted to write and tell you that I think of you from time to time.   So many times I am thinking about things and I hear your voice and think of you…and some of the things you advised me to do, I encourage others to do now.  I don’t know if you remember this, but when I was struggling with dark memories, you told me to draw….I was writing poetry on the computer and you said to write it by hand…….and there were all those “D”s in art…but you said to me “You are an artist”  That meant a great deal to me.  So now I do draw….and I like what I do…So many things in the fabric of my own work, so many places I see your influence, your time which you so generously shared…
Ursula W., Pennsylvania


The rattle arrived yesterday. I opened the box and began to cry because her energy is so like Ohio, the mounds, and the great earth. She looks like an ancient mushroom that the shamans of this land smoked to take them into their dreaming. The mushroom will be a part of the new book I am writing. Perhaps the rattle will play a role too. I fell in love with this tool of beauty at first sight. 
Margaret L., Ohio

I want to tell you what happened after I made the rattle with you. First,  it told me it was a mother rattle. Next, my mother’s serious illness became apparent in early December. She lived at home with hospice for six more weeks.  Here is the truly astounding thing: she and I, for the first time in my memory, became close and had a loving relationship! It was wonderful. I attribute it at least in part to the rattle I made with you, Vicki.
Thank you.           Emily L., Berkely